Best Trucker GPS Apps for Commercial Drivers

June 5, 2023


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Best Trucker GPS Apps for Commercial Drivers

Traveling is a challenge for truck drivers because of their large vehicles and heavy cargo. Their progress can be significantly delayed due to congested traffic, restricted routes, tolls, and inaccurate directions, and the equipment employed in most trucks requires a lot of knowledge and precision. That’s why the importance of using the best truck GPS app for commercial truck drivers in 2024 and further should not be underestimated.

Choosing a GPS app that can meet all truck routing needs is important, but luckily, there are various truck GPS options available for commercial drivers. It can be easier for you to select the best one if you understand the differences between these GPS apps. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular truck GPS apps available and highlight the benefits of using truck navigation apps.

Best Trucker GPS Apps for Commercial Drivers

Benefits of Using a GPS App for Truckers

Truck drivers can greatly enhance their efficiency on the road by using a GPS app, and here’s why:

  • Speed. Users can create optimized truck routes as a trucking GPS app aids drivers in reaching their destinations quickly and efficiently.
  • Driver’s accountability. Taking more responsibility for their duties helps truck drivers gain clarity on tasks and results. This promotes self-improvement and reduces the need for constant supervision.
  • Time savings. Truck-specific information and real-time updates provided by GPS apps allow drivers to identify truck-friendly routes and make timely, successful, and cost-effective deliveries.
  • Fuel optimization. GPS apps provide the shortest and fastest routes to minimize fuel consumption and reduce transportation costs.
  • Safety information. Truck-specific GPS apps provide important safety information, like speed limits, height limits, weight limits, and more, that assists drivers in navigating their routes safely and avoiding potential hazards.

Qualities to Look for in the Best Trucker GPS Apps

It can be difficult to find the perfect navigation app for truck drivers as there are so many features available. Here’s what you should pay attention to when choosing a truck GPS app.

  • Speed monitoring and mileage capabilities. The best GPS apps for truck drivers should be able to track and manage driver performance by identifying bad driving habits or reckless behavior, as well as monitor engine idling to decrease fuel expenses.
  • Truck route GPS routing features. The navigation should be seamless despite heavy traffic, construction zones, road restrictions, and residential neighborhoods. The best GPS apps should provide the most time-saving and cost-effective routes to specific destinations.
  • Updated navigation maps. Planning truck routes and successfully navigating through them requires reliable, accurate, and updated maps. Look for trucker GPS apps that can keep you updated about infrastructure changes, traffic conditions, ongoing roadworks, and road closures, to avoid stressful situations and plan your journeys effectively.
  • Road restriction monitoring features. The best GPS app for truckers takes into account and adapts to any road restrictions drivers may face. Choose an app that offers useful features like truck weight limits, tunnel height restrictions, commercially-approved roads, and more, to navigate legal constraints and avoid unnecessary detours or penalties.
  • Live traffic updates. To avoid traffic jams, especially during rush hours, it’s important to have real-time traffic reports within the trucker GPS app. Drivers can use this feature to maximize their routes, avoid unnecessary truck idling, and minimize the time and financial costs associated with road construction or other traffic incidents.

These key features can help you find a truck GPS application that suits your needs and improves your performance on the road.

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    Qualities to Look for in the Best Trucker GPS Apps

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    Best Free Truck GPS App

    Google Maps

    Google Maps is a highly recommended GPS app for truckers, and what makes it even better is that it’s free. It provides regular updates on road and driving conditions, such as accidents, road closures, and speed traps. Truck drivers can use Google Maps to locate nearby fueling stations, overnight accommodations, and dining options as they travel.


    Waze is another well-known free GPS application for both Android and iOS devices. It shares the same approach as Google Maps, using crowdsourcing to provide real-time updates on different aspects of a journey. This app will keep you updated on accidents and road closures so you can make the necessary route changes.

    Trucker Path

    Trucker Path is a well-respected GPS app created exclusively for truck drivers. The download is free, but you can also access additional features through paid versions. You have the choice between a limited free version or the complete one with all the advanced functionalities and extras.

    Best Free Truck GPS App

    Best Truck Navigation App for iPhone


    Truckbook is a top option if you need the best GPS app for commercial drivers available on the Apple App Store. Its navigation capabilities allow truck drivers to navigate around truck restrictions, find parking areas, discover points of interest along their routes, and even get emergency roadside assistance.


    TruckMap, the leading trucking GPS app, creates routes and provides turn-by-turn navigation. Truck drivers can easily locate the closest gas stations and weigh stations with its specialized map. Moreover, TruckMap makes finding free overnight parking areas easier as you can filter shops and rest areas by the availability of amenities like laundry services, sleeping accommodations, shower stalls, and specific store or truck stop chains.

    Best Truck Navigation App for Android


    CoPilot is widely regarded as the best truck navigation system for Android devices. Commercial truck drivers can expect safe and punctual navigation with this app’s feature-rich design. They can avoid bridge underpasses and roadways that do not fit their truck size by entering their rig’s dimensions and weight into the app. CoPilot can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store for iPhone users.


    SmartTruckRoute is a versatile truck GPS software that supports Android and other smart devices. Truck drivers can use this app to create routes and receive free map updates. To enhance driving efficiency, this app offers turn-by-turn driving directions, live map updates, a built-in odometer, and other features. SmartTruckRoute enables customization of vehicle specifications and routes based on truck size and weight limits. Satellite images are also available to help drivers prepare for truck entrances at their destinations in advance.

    A Final Word on the Best Trucker GPS Apps

    A Final Word on the Best Trucker GPS Apps

    We have shared information about some of the best truck GPS apps for commercial drivers that can help improve their performance. Now, it’s up to you to select the most appropriate option for you or your truck drivers.

    If you have any further questions, contact us at FleetCare. We are eager to have more discussions.

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