Best Trucker GPS Apps for Commercial Drivers

June 5, 2023


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Best Trucker GPS Apps for Commercial Drivers

Truck drivers face several challenges while traveling due to their substantial vehicles and heavy cargo. Issues such as congested traffic, restricted routes, tolls, and inaccurate directions can significantly impede their progress, resulting in delays unless they rely on GPS navigation. Most trucks require extensive information and precision regarding the tools and equipment used. This emphasizes the importance of using the best truck GPS app for all commercial truck drivers.

Choosing a GPS app that caters to all your truck routing needs is essential when considering truck GPS solutions. However, there are several varieties of truck GPS available for commercial drivers. And understanding the differences between these GPS apps can make your decision-making process easier. This article will explore some of the top truck GPS apps currently available and highlight the benefits of using dedicated truck navigation apps designed specifically for trucks.

Best Trucker GPS Apps for Commercial Drivers

Benefits of Using a GPS App for Truckers

A GPS app is an indispensable tool for truck drivers, offering numerous benefits that improve their efficiency and effectiveness on the road. Here are some of the key benefits of using GPS apps for commercial drivers:

  • Speed: The app enables users to create optimized truck routes, helping drivers reach their destinations quickly and efficiently.
  • Driver’s accountability: Truck drivers can take greater ownership of their responsibilities, gaining clarity on tasks and results. This fosters self-improvement and reduces the need for constant supervision.
  • Time savings: GPS apps provide truck-specific information and real-time updates, allowing drivers to identify truck-friendly routes. This helps them make timely, successful, and cost-effective deliveries.
  • Fuel optimization: GPS apps offer the shortest and quickest routes, minimizing fuel consumption and reducing transportation costs.
  • Safety information: Truck-specific GPS apps provide essential safety information, such as speed limits, height limits, weight limits, and more. This helps drivers navigate their routes safely and avoid potential hazards.
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    Qualities to Look for in the Best Trucker GPS Apps

    Finding the perfect navigation app for truck drivers can be overwhelming due to the many features available. However, we have narrowed down the key features that will assist you in selecting the right truck GPS.

    • Speed Monitoring and Mileage Capabilities: The best GPS apps for truck drivers should be able to monitor driver performance. This feature helps identify bad driving habits or reckless behavior, allowing truck owners to track and manage their drivers’ performance easily. Additionally, it can help monitor engine idling to reduce fuel expenses.
    • Truck Route GPS Routing Features: Truck drivers have unique needs while on the road, and the ideal truck GPS app should address these requirements. It should offer smooth navigation through heavy traffic, construction zones, road restrictions, and residential neighborhoods. The best GPS apps offer the shortest and most efficient routes to designated destinations. This not only saves time but also reduces costs in the long term.
    • Updated Navigation Maps: Reliable, accurate, and updated maps are crucial for planning truck routes and successfully navigating through them. Look for GPS apps that provide current information on infrastructure changes, traffic conditions, ongoing roadworks, and road closures. Having access to this information helps drivers avoid stressful situations and plan their journeys effectively.
    • Road Restriction Monitoring Features: The best GPS app for truckers stands out with its exceptional capability to consider and accommodate all road restrictions drivers may encounter during their journeys. Opt for an app that provides useful features, including but not limited to truck weight limits, tunnel height restrictions, commercially-approved roads, and many others. This ensures that drivers can navigate legal constraints and avoid unnecessary detours or penalties.
    • Live Traffic Updates: Real-time traffic reports within the trucker GPS app are invaluable for avoiding traffic jams, especially during rush hours. This feature assists drivers in maximizing their routes, minimizing unnecessary truck idling, and reducing the time and financial costs associated with road construction or other traffic incidents.

    Considering these key features, you can find a truck GPS app that meets your needs and enhances your overall driving experience.

    Best Trucker GPS Apps for Commercial Drivers

    Best Free Truck GPS App

    Google Maps

    Google Maps is a highly recommended GPS app for truckers, and the best part is that it’s free. It provides regular updates on road and driving conditions, such as accidents, road closures, and speed traps. Truck drivers will find it particularly useful as they can use Google Maps to locate nearby fueling stations, overnight accommodations, and dining options along their route.


    Waze is another popular free GPS app for Android and iOS devices. Similar to Google Maps, it relies on crowdsourcing to provide real-time updates on various aspects of your journey. From accidents to road closures, Waze keeps you informed so you can make necessary route changes.

    Trucker Path

    Trucker Path is a highly regarded GPS app designed specifically for truckers. It can be downloaded for free, and there are options to access additional features through paid versions. You can choose between the limited free or complete version with all the advanced functionalities and extras.

    Best Truck Navigation App for iPhone


    If you’re looking for the best GPS app for commercial drivers for your iPhone, Truckbook is a standout choice. The truck navigation system available on the Apple App Store is one o the best-rated. The GPS offers many features that truck drivers will find immensely helpful. It provides navigation capabilities and allows users to navigate around truck restrictions easily, locate parking areas, find points of interest along their routes, and even access emergency roadside assistance.


    TruckMap is a top-tier free trucking GPS app that stands out among its competitors. It generates routes and provides turn-by-turn navigation. The app includes a specialized map featuring gas and weighs stations, making it convenient for truck drivers to find the nearest options. Furthermore, TruckMap simplifies the process of locating free overnight parking areas. It offers filtering options for shops and rest areas based on the availability of specific amenities like laundry services, sleeping accommodations, shower stalls, and certain store or truck stop chains.

    Best Truck Navigation App for Android


    CoPilot is rated one of Android devices’ best truck navigation systems. This feature-rich app is designed to cater to the needs of commercial truck drivers, ensuring safe and punctual navigation. Truckers can input their rig’s dimensions and weight into the app, which then assists in avoiding bridge underpasses and roadways that cannot accommodate their truck’s size. The GPS also extends its availability to iPhone users, as it can be readily downloaded from the Apple App Store.


    SmartTruckRoute is a versatile truck GPS app that supports Android and other smart devices. This app allows truck drivers to create routes and offers free map updates. It aims to improve driving performance by providing turn-by-turn driving directions, live map updates, a built-in odometer, and more. In addition, SmartTruckRoute prioritizes the truck driver’s needs by allowing customization of vehicle specifications and truck routes based on the size and weight limits of the vehicle. The app also includes satellite images to help drivers prepare for truck entrances at their destinations in advance.

    Best Trucker GPS Apps for Commercial Drivers

    A Final Word on the Best Trucker GPS Apps

    Choosing the right truck navigation app can significantly improve truck drivers’ experience. We have provided information about some of the best truck GPS apps for commercial drivers. Now, it’s up to you to select the most suitable option for you or your truck drivers.

    If you have any further questions, contact us at FleetCare. We are more than willing to engage in further discussions.

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