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    What Is Reefer Truck Dispatching?

    Reefer trucks are used for transporting temperature sensitive products. They are insulated and have a refrigeration system that keeps the cargo cool. A reefer truck is a container that is insulated to protect cargo from freezing during shipment. The refrigeration process uses low-pressure gas to produce cold air within the enclosure. This process may be powered by diesel or electricity.

    A reefer truck may also have “double-deck cooling,” which can use both electric and diesel power for cooling purposes.

    Reefer truck dispatching is the process of finding the most suitable reefer truck for a shipment or load. It is a complex process as there can be many variables like distance, weight, size, cost, and time. For example, if you need to transport ice cream from New York to California, you will want to find the cheapest truck for this job because it will take longer than if you needed an ice cream delivery in New York City. And so the distance will be shorter and the weight will be lower.

    Loads Transported In Reefer trucks

    The size and weight of a reefer trailer depend on the type of cargo that it is carrying.

    The dimensions of a reefer trailer are determined by its length, width, height, and weight. The length is measured in feet and inches, and the width is measured in feet. The height is measured in feet and inches. The weight is measured in pounds. Here are some of the loads transported in a reefer truck:

    • ✓ Meat
    • ✓ Poultry and fish products
    • ✓ Pharmaceuticals
    • ✓ Manufacturing chemicals

    Advantages Of Reefer Dispatch

    • ✓ Reefer trucks are equipped with an air-conditioning system that can keep the temperature at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter what the outside weather is. That means that food items will stay fresh for longer periods of time.
    • ✓ Flexibility.
    • ✓ Reefer trucks are in high demand, which means that there is lots of work available.
    • ✓ Reefer truck rates are mostly higher than dry van rates.

    Our Reefer Dispatch Service—Supporting You As You Do Your Best Out On The Road

    There are four basic steps involved in reefer truck dispatching:

    Locate a specific truck in the carrier’s fleet.

    Reserve the truck online or by telephone.

    Dispatch the truck when it is available.

    Reefer truck dispatching usually occurs at the beginning of a shipping process, before work begins. The goal is to find the quickest, most convenient truck for your load. A freight broker acts as an intermediary between shippers and carriers. We will choose a carrier that can quickly get to your destination in order to avoid losses and delays in production or service quality.

    The FleetCare Reefer Dispatch Service—Providing An Honest And Reliable Experience

    Our professional dispatchers can relieve you of back-office tasks and let you focus on the main thing ‒ getting to the destination safely, on time, and for a good rate. Being many years in the industry, Fleet Care has a vast pool of companies that provide full loads for good payment ‒ we can find the best routes and best freight. For refrigerator truck drivers, finding decent tasks is even more important than for trucks of other types.

    Also, our dispatch office makes sure your schedule and your vehicle meet DMV safety standards which is crucial if you’re looking for stable and safe trucking jobs on a regular basis.

    We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to getting your cargo to its destination safely and on time. We have a wide range of services and connections in the industry, as well as an experienced, professional team of drivers. All of our trucking services comply with regulations and industry standards.

    If you’re searching for a company that can provide you with the reefer dispatching services you need, look no further than FleetCare. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you or to get a free quote. services for your dispatch needs

    We are honest, reliable, and transparent, and we have already come up with a way to make the dispatch process as quick and easy as possible.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A Reefer is a refrigerated trailer used for transporting temperature-sensitive and perishable goods, such as food products and pharmaceuticals.

    Fleet Care’s Reefer service can maintain a temperature range of -20 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the goods fresh and safe.

    Fleet Care’s Reefer service is equipped with advanced temperature monitoring and control systems, ensuring that the cargo stays within the desired temperature range at all times. They also have experienced drivers and quality control measures in place to maintain the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

    Yes, Reefer trailers are suitable for long-haul transportation of perishable products, and Fleet Care’s Reefer service covers transit across North America.

    Fleet Care provides real-time tracking of their Reefer cargo through advanced GPS systems, providing customers with complete visibility and peace of mind. Customers can also receive alerts on their smartphones or computer devices, notifying them of any temperature fluctuations or delays during transportation.

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