Can Trucking Companies Perform hair Testing For Drugs?

January 27, 2023


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Can Trucking Companies Perform hair Testing For Drugs?

Can Trucking Companies Perform hair Testing For Drugs?

Trucking companies have a lot to consider regarding ensuring safety and compliance. While drug testing is standard in many industries, some trucking companies are now considering using hair testing to detect drug use. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of hair testing for drug use in trucking companies as well as the implications of this practice.

Can Trucking Companies Perform hair Testing For Drugs?

Dot-required Drug Testing

As many trucking companies are aware, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires drug testing to maintain safety and compliance standards. This means that trucking companies must test their drivers for drugs, including common ones like marijuana and opiates. However, while DOT drug tests are designed to detect drug use, they are not always successful. This is because these tests only look for the presence of drugs in a person’s system, not for the presence of residual drugs that may have been used in the past.

What Exactly Is Hair Testing? 

Hair testing is a type of drug test that uses hair follicles from the head or body to detect the presence of drugs. Unlike other types of drug tests, hair testing can detect drugs that have been used for months rather than days or weeks. This makes it an attractive option for trucking companies, as it can help them identify drivers who may have been using drugs over the long term.

Urine Vs. Hair Test For Drug Testing

There’s a big debate over which method is most effective regarding drug testing. While urine tests are the most common, hair tests offer several advantages. So how do you decide which test is best for trucking companies?

Urine Tests: A Quick Overview

The most commonly used drug tests for trucking companies are urine tests. These are less expensive than other forms of testing, and they’re typically easy to administer. Urine drug tests can detect drug use within the past few days and weeks, but they don’t offer any insight into long-term drug use.

Can Trucking Companies Perform hair Testing For Drugs?

Hair Tests: A Comprehensive Look 

Nothing beats a hair follicle test when it comes to deep, long-term insights into drug use. Hair tests can detect drug use within the past several months. This makes them perfect for trucking companies that need to know if their drivers have been using drugs over the long term. Additionally, hair tests offer several other advantages:

    • They’re easy to administer, and the sample can be collected quickly.


    • The results are highly accurate.


    • The sample is stable and can be stored for years without degrading.


    • Hair tests are difficult to cheat, as they don’t require bodily fluids.


The Benefits of Hair Testing For Trucking Companies 


    • Hair tests offer several advantages for trucking companies.


    • They allow companies to quickly and accurately detect long-term drug use.


    • Foolproof and tamper-proof, so companies can be sure that the results are accurate.


    • Hair test samples can be stored for later use.


Possible Drawbacks of Hair Testing In Trucking

While hair testing offers many advantages for trucking companies, there are a few potential drawbacks.

    • Hair testing is more expensive than urine testing.


    • Hair testing is not as reliable at detecting recent drug use.


    • There’s a risk of false positives when using hair testing, as certain medications can trigger a positive result.


    • Hair testing may be more intrusive for drivers, as it requires a sample from their bodies.


Can Motor Carriers Perform Non-dot Testing? 

The trucking industry has long been held to a high standard regarding drug and alcohol testing, both on the road and off. With the increase in safety concerns, some motor carriers are now choosing to move beyond DOT-required testing and use non-DOT drug tests. This type of hair testing can detect residual drugs in a person’s system and provide a more comprehensive look at drug use, helping trucking companies keep their fleets safe. Non-DOT testing gives motor carriers an additional layer of protection and ensures drivers stay drug-free.

Non-DOT tests are typically more comprehensive, as they detect drugs that the DOT tests may not. This is especially important for trucking companies, as it allows them to catch drivers who may be using drugs that are not on the DOT’s list of prohibited substances.

Can Trucking Companies Perform hair Testing For Drugs?

Protect Your Drivers, Your Freight, And Your Company

It’s no secret that drug use is a significant problem in the trucking industry. That’s why it’s so important for trucking companies to take proactive steps to ensure that their drivers are drug-free.

By implementing hair testing as part of their overall drug screening process, motor carriers can rest assured that their drivers are safe and drug-free. Hair testing is an invaluable tool for trucking companies in the fight against drug use, ensuring the safety of your fleet and protecting your company’s reputation.

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