Dispatching as an occupation: what things to consider

August 31, 2021


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Dispatching as an occupation: what things to consider

Nothing lasts forever, an old saying goes, as our world is quickly changing. The word of freight is not different at all; a calm and peaceful situation on the road could turn 180 degrees at any time – no matter if it is because of weather, traffic or other people around. You simply cannot be ready for everything.

And that is where you need the voice of wisdom – or your dispatcher, for short.

Without them, it would be impossible to coordinate freight schedules, as operators are usually responsible only for their own navigation. A good dispatcher works as a facilitator between customers, drivers, and companies. And so, to perform such a demanding job, they should meet a lot of requirements.

If you are looking for a dispatcher to hire, or if you want to become one yourself, here are some useful points to think about before the start.

Be understandable and help others understand

The very first question you need to ask deals with communicative skills. Are they good enough to give clear orders to the drivers? Could the dispatcher find proper words in a difficult situation? Would they be able to pay their attention not only to customers’ demands but also to the drivers?

If you are a dispatcher, there are always two sides to coordinate; get the information from your clients, but do not fail to transmit it to the people in trucks. Be ready to stay in a tight corner from time to time, as this is what you get your money for.

Tolerate the stress

Being able to perform your job well is a great thing, but this is not enough to be a perfect dispatcher. Add the stress factor to your working routines, and everything will not be that easy anymore.

You need to learn how to work under pressure and not to be lost for words when it comes to tackling problems with the schedules. The ability to stay calm and coordinated is what you really need to be successful.

If you are at a loss how to struggle with some typical situations, ask a more experienced dispatcher to help you with solutions.

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    Speak the truth

    Sometimes, when the situation goes out of control, you could be tempted to lie for the sake of negotiations. Of course, it is easier to say that the freight will come in time, or that another truck is ready for departure, but this means the person who believed you would have to spend a long time waiting. Would the customers be satisfied if you deceived their expectations? Or would the drivers be?

    Try to remember that you are not just a worker, but also the face of your company, so people will judge its reliability depending on your words. And that could lead to a lack of new assignments.

    Know what they want

    Every carrier company has different standards and a different set of services. Pay your attention to the things you could offer to your clients, and also make notes of what they want from you. The best way to start a contract is to do it with mutual understanding.

    Stay punctual

    The major part of the dispatcher’s work is all about timing: when to start the route and when to finish it, how to avoid problematic hours on the road, and work with time management in general. It would not be a surprise to say that you should be accurate and punctual while looking at the schedules.

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