How Much Does a DOT Number Cost?

August 11, 2023


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How Much Does a DOT Number Cost?

Are you interested in operating a fleet of commercial vehicles in the United States? Whether you aim to transport cargo or passengers, obtaining a DOT number is likely a crucial requirement. This number is assigned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and serves various purposes within your fleet. The specific requirements for obtaining a DOT number depend on your business type and the nature of the transportation you intend to undertake.
We often get asked, “How much does a DOT Number cost?” as it’s one of the primary startup expenses for new trucking companies. In this article, we’ll delve into the cost of obtaining a DOT number and additional costs related to its registration and maintenance. We will also provide an overview of the significance of having a DOT number and its significance in the commercial vehicle industry.

How Much Does a DOT Number Cost?

Overview of DOT Number And Its Significance

The FMCSA assigns the DOT number to signify the operation of a commercial vehicle weighing at least 10,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or transporting at least eight passengers, including the driver, for compensation. This number provides authorization for a truck to operate within its home state. Failing to get a DOT number may result in severe fines and penalties. Before transporting any materials, all trucking businesses must secure the appropriate DOT number.
Typically, the DOT number consists of eight digits. It is synonymous with the DOT number but may include the letters “US” to specify that the truck belongs to an American company engaged in international trucking. Thus, they refer to the same identification. Every commercial vehicle operator driving in the United States must possess a DOT number.
The FMCSA employs the DOT number to monitor the respective companies’ safety incidents and compliance information. It is not restricted to trucking companies transporting hazardous materials or those involved in crossing state lines or international borders. All commercial transportation, including cargo and passenger transport, necessitates a DOT number.
 How Much Does a DOT Number Cost?

Factors Influencing the Cost of Obtaining A DOT Number

Obtaining a USDOT number is a straightforward and cost-free process that can be done manually. However, it’s important to note that more than a USDOT number is required to operate a business, especially if your operations cross state lines. You must also obtain the operating authority for the specific operations you intend to engage in.
Each operating authority requires a one-time fee of $300. Then, it would be best if you considered the cost of business registration, which varies depending on the state. The registration fees can range from $70 up to $500. In addition, if there is a need for a name change, there is a $14 processing charge, and requesting reinstatement of authority, if it has been revoked, incurs an $80 fee.

Comparison of Costs for Different Types of DOT Numbers

Every trucking business or vehicle must obtain one of three types of dot numbers: standard, expedited, or temporary. Each dot number serves a specific purpose and incurs its own cost.

  • Standard DOT number: The standard DOT number costs $165 and remains valid for four years. It is obligatory for those intending to operate commercial vehicles weighing more than 10,001 lbs.
  • Temporary DOT number: For transporting non-perishable commodities, a temporary DOT number, also known as a “visitor” DOT number, is required. This type of DOT number costs $14.92 and remains valid for 60 days. It is suitable for situations where you anticipate changes in the load or transshipment within the United States.
  • Expedited DOT number: If you plan to operate commercial vehicles weighing more than 10,001 lbs for one year, you must obtain an expedited DOT number. The cost for this type of dot number is $179.28.
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    Additional Expenses Related to DOT Number Registration and Maintenance

    In addition to obtaining the DOT number, you must consider other related expenses. Here are some additional expenses related to DOT number registration and maintenance expenses.

      • Passenger Authority and Household Goods Authority: When applying for the Passenger Authority and Household Goods Authority, separate filing fees of $300 each must be submitted with the application. Applying for both authorities would require a total fee of $600, which can be combined into a single payment. However, only one fee is applicable if the authorities are the same type. It’s important to remember that filing fees are non-refundable.


    • Reactivating a DOT Number: FMCSA may deactivate a DOT number if the owner fails to file the biennial update or fails safety scores. The reinstatement fee for a DOT number is usually a nominal figure, and you will need to submit a form to start the reinstatement process.
    • Reactivating an MC Number: MC may deactivate an MC number due to the revocation of the associated DOT number or lacking the necessary insurance and BOC 3 filing. To reinstate the MC number, the reinstatement fee is $80. However, if placed out of service, the process becomes more complex and expensive. In such cases, you will have to reapply entirely as a new entrant, which includes a $300 application fee. Additionally, you can disassociate the MC number from the DOT number by filing an MCS 150 form.

     How Much Does a DOT Number Cost?
    In addition to these expenses, there may be fees for filing and obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). For more detailed information on additional expenses related to dot number registration and maintenance, additional requirements, and regulations, it’s advisable to refer to official sources and guidelines provided by the relevant regulatory agencies.


    Starting a trucking company is challenging; however, the journey becomes more manageable by systematically breaking down the process and tackling tasks. One crucial early step is quickly obtaining the DOT number, the foundational filing necessary for all other required filings. Securing this number lays the groundwork for a successful start to your trucking venture.
    Generally, the cost of obtaining a DOT number varies depending on the type of service and the entity that requires it. The initial registration, however, comes at no cost. You should contact your local Department of Transportation office for further details regarding the cost of obtaining a DOT number and additional expenses.

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