The Trucking Industry Lacks Drivers for Six Gritty Reasons

June 10, 2022


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The Trucking Industry Lacks Drivers for Six Gritty Reasons

The driver shortage in the USA is a gnarly problem plaguing the trucking industry. It’s a problem that is not going away anytime soon. The industry needs to find ways to attract and retain drivers. This includes offering competitive pay and benefits, improving working conditions, and investing in training.

The driver shortage is a massive problem that has gotten worse in recent years. Here are six reasons why it continues to plague the industry:

The Aging Trucker Population

The average age of a truck driver is now 49 years old. That means a lot of experienced drivers are retiring or leaving the industry. This puts a strain on the already tight driver market. The loss of qualified drivers creates a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

It’s not just that experienced drivers are leaving the industry; very few young drivers are entering it. The current generation of young adults is not interested in trucking as a career.

Drivers’ Pay

Trucking is a tough job, and it doesn’t pay as well as it should. While the industry has made some strides to raise driver pay in recent years, it’s still not enough to attract and retain drivers.

The need of the hour is for trucking companies to offer competitive pay and benefits packages that will attract and retain drivers. Unfortunately, many trucking companies are still trying to cut corners regarding driver pay.

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    Tough Working Conditions

    Trucking is a demanding job with long hours away from home and family. It can be a lonely and frustrating lifestyle. This is one of the biggest reasons why drivers leave the industry.

    The Hours of Service regulations are supposed to help protect drivers from working too long and becoming fatigued. However, many drivers feel that these regulations are too restrictive and make it hard to do their job. This can lead to frustration and, ultimately, drivers leaving the industry.

    The Image of Trucking

    Trucking also has an image problem. The general public doesn’t have a very high opinion of truck drivers. This is partly due to the bad behavior of a minority of drivers. But it’s also because of the image that the trucking industry projects.

    The image of trucking needs to be improved to attract new drivers. The industry also needs to do a better job of retaining drivers.

    The Lack of Training

    There is a lack of qualified truck drivers because of a lack of training. Many trucking companies cut corners when it comes to training in order to save money. This is a mistake that will end up costing them more in the long run.

    Trucking companies need to invest in proper training for their drivers. This will help to improve safety and retention.

    COVID-19 and the Shutdown of the Global Economy

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the trucking industry. The global economic shutdown has led to a decrease in freight demand. This has put a lot of pressure on trucking companies and their drivers.

    Many trucking companies have been forced to lay off drivers or reduce their hours. This has made it even harder for the industry to attract and retain drivers. The pandemic has also made it more difficult for drivers to find work.

    FleetCare: Making a Difference

    At FleetCare, we do our part to help solve the driver shortage problem. We are a trucking dispatch service that helps trucking companies find loads and drivers.

    We work with a vast network of trustworthy carriers and drivers. This allows us to match trucking companies with the right loads and drivers for their needs.

    Providing a trucking dispatch service is one way that we are helping to solve the driver shortage problem. We are also working on many other initiatives to help attract and retain drivers.

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