What is the best one-way truck rental company?

March 3, 2022


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What is the best one-way truck rental company?

  • Best overall – U-Haul
  • Best for your budget – Budget Truck Rental
  • Best for hourly rental – The Home Depot Truck Rental
  • Best for a local move – Enterprise Truck Rental
  • Best for a long-distance move – Penske Truck Rental
Company U-Haul Budget Truck Rental The Home Depot Truck Rental Enterprise Truck Rental Penske Truck Rental
Nomination 1 2 5 4 3
Truck sizes 7 4 4 14 5
Availability  Nationwide  Nationwide  Nationwide  Nationwide  Nationwide
Offers one-way rentals? Yes Yes No No Yes
Pricing  Starts at
+ 59
to 79 cents
a mile for
same- location
drop off
 Starts at
+ 59
to 87 cents
a mile for
drop off
 Starts at
or $129/day
with unlimited
mileage for
drop off
 Starts at
+ 25
to 99 cents
a mile for
drop off
 Starts at
+ 99 cents
to $1.29
a mile for
drop off

What should you look for in a moving truck rental company?


Distance impacts costs and service types. Some rental companies give limited time and mileage. Others give limitless miles. The first is a cheap alternative if you don’t anticipate making numerous diversions. But if you do, the latter may be better.

Insurance Coverage

Transport risks damage to your and the company’s property, so insurance is always a concern. Some carriers incorporate low-cost insurance, while others make it optional. Some charge a premium for them, while others require confirmation of third-party coverage.

Ultimately, insurance benefits you, but you always have control of your expenses.

Regardless of how each company advertises, the above criteria should help you choose the best moving service for you.

Moving Truck Size

Rental trucks come in different sizes. The bigger the size, the higher the daily rental and mileage fees. It is important that you rent a truck that can accommodate all your items so that you can save more time during the moving process. Rental truck capacities are usually posted on the company’s website or given by customer service.


Not all truck rental companies have many locations; some states only have a few.

It would be inconvenient to return a vehicle to a distant town after a long trip. Worse, the mileage may increase costs. So, you should rent a truck from a company that has a branch near your destination. Choose a service that combines cost and convenience.

Option And Availability

Most truck rental services allow you to book ahead of your moving dates. Lucky for you, if they happen to offer a seasonal discount when you make your reservation. However, establishments that offer hourly rentals do not take reservations and will require you to pick up the truck on-site only when you need it. Make sure to have all the booking requirements ready if you choose this type of service.

Most people normally rent these trucks at the end of the month. In this case, you should not hire during this period. You might not get the truck that you want.

You might even end up paying higher prices. You should instead hire a truck during the low season.

In addition, you can rent this truck early in advance so as to avoid the last-minute rush. At least two weeks before you need your truck, make sure to reserve it.

Is Home Depot best for quick moves?

Trucks from Home Depot can only be used for local movements and can not be transported great distances. While the distance you may go is limited, there are certain advantages to renting trucks from Home Depot. Specifically, reasonable prices, clear pricing, and no hidden fees, as well as unlimited mileage within your rental time frame. Costs can quickly add up if you go over your rental time, which is 75 minutes.

If you only need to make a quick journey and don’t have a lot of goods to transport, The Home Depot may be the best spot to rent a truck.

Budget moving trucks

Budget has some of the most affordable truck rental options. While rates vary depending on where you reside, the size of truck you need, and the distance you’re moving, it’s usually a good option for DIYers moving locally or a long distance. If your budget doesn’t allow you to keep the parameters of your booking (e.g., location, truck size, and pickup date), you may have to make changes to your choices on moving day. So, what you save in expense, you may lose in convenience, so keep that in mind. Budget charges a per-mile price for local and long-distance travel, but that doesn’t imply that you’ll pay more than the competition. Because of their low base rates and wide range of discounts, you may still come out ahead even if you exceed the first mileage allowance. If you plan to drive more than the allocated mileage, pay in advance and save roughly 20 cents per mile.

Enterprise moving trucks

Enterprise Moving Truck Rentals is one of the leading truck rental businesses in the United States. The one thing that has made it so successful over the years is that its trucks are high-quality and well-maintained vehicles. They rent trucks and other vehicles for both personal and commercial use. As of now, Enterprise runs in various places in the United States. In many of its locations, you can rent one or more of fourteen different sizes of trucks and other vehicles. Whether your cargo is small or big, you can easily find the right size truck. Enterprise One-way rentals are not available. When you rent a truck from Enterprise, you have to return it to the original location where you rented it. The cost of renting a moving truck is between $89 and $230 per day. How much you pay per day will depend on the size of the truck you rent. You may be charged between $0.2 and $1 per mile when renting an Enterprise vehicle. Some quotes include limitless mileage, while others do not. The number of miles included in your price will depend on the type of vehicle you rent and your location. Different rental truck sizes are available, and there are hundreds of locations across the United States. There are no hidden fees, and there is no extra charge for going over the allotted mileage.

Enterprise boasts one of the most customer-friendly cancellation policies in the industry. The fees for renting a moving truck from Enterprise are relatively low. The cost of an Enterprise truck will vary depending on your location, the price per day, the price per mile, the availability of the truck model you want, and the make.

 Home Depot Moving Trucks

To transport materials and tools, the average homeowner needs more than their car. You might not have access to a vehicle at all in some cases, making even small apartment projects difficult. In both cases, a service like Home Depot Rental Trucks can help you with your home improvement projects, and the process is simple and cost-effective. The cost of a Home Depot rental truck is determined by how long it has been rented for. You can rent a truck for a day or a week, or reserve one for 75 minutes. It costs $19 for the first 75 minutes and then $5 for every 15 minutes after that. With a flatbed, cargo van, box truck, or even larger Penske moving trucks available in most fleets at locations across the country, you can rent a truck for nearly any DIY project at an affordable rate.

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    What is the difference between in-town and long-distance truck rental?

    Long-Distance Truck Rental

    You’re now in good hands if you’re making a much larger move, whether it’s across town, state, or even country. The rate for a one-way move is a flat rate that is determined by the truck size, point of origin, drop-off location, and moving date. The rate will also include the number of miles you’ve been allotted as well as the number of days it will take to complete your move. In any case, you will be charged a small fee if you exceed the miles or kilometers specified. If you stay longer than the number of days allowed, you will be charged for each additional day.

    In-TownTruck Rental

    A good percentage of moves are in-town, which means you pick up and drop off at the given location in the same area. You are charged per mile for this type of service. The mileage and kilometer rates will now vary depending on which city/state or city/province you’re in, as well as what day of the week it is. Sunday through Thursday have historically been the lowest days for rates. The cost of the moving trailer or truck will be determined by its size.


    How can I save money on my truck rental?

    Check For Discounts

    Most truck rental companies will provide promotional discounts. Before renting a moving truck, look for the best deals. If you don’t see any advertised discounts, ask customer service about them when you call for a quote. You can also look for promo codes online, but keep in mind that they may not always work. However, keep an eye out for fraud to keep yourself safe.

    Reserve A Moving Truck

    If you wait until the last minute to rent a truck, you may not be able to get the size that you require. You could also end up paying more money. When calling to reserve a truck, it is best not to give your real credentials or the exact moving date. If you do, they may use that to raise your rates later if you don’t even have a reservation, because they now know you’re moving and can take advantage of you.

    Inspect The Moving Truck

    When you pick up your moving truck, you’ll be asked to inspect it and note any damage. Verify the vehicle and ask about maintenance before signing the contract with the truck rental company. It’s critical to note every scrape, dent, and scratch, no matter how minor. If you return the truck with damage, the company may assume it’s your fault. So you can be charged for damage you didn’t cause. Bring your pickiest friend or coworker along to help you inspect for flaws. This will save time and they may notice something you missed. If you don’t thoroughly inspect the vehicle, you may pay more. So, by doing this, you can save money.

    When To Rent A Moving Truck

    Truck rentals sometimes charge extra during peak season (May to September) due to increased demand. A vehicle reserved in the off-season will cost less. First, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the worst days to hire a moving truck. In the spring, hire a moving truck Monday through Thursday, a week from the first or 15th of the month. Just watch out for spring storms. Consider performing enough research on moving truck rental firms before selecting the best alternative.

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